TreeHouse Transitional Living Program

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All who enter our home will be treated with dignity, respect, and humanity. At TreeHouse, we support and nourish a home that treats all individuals fairly and equitably. We take a comprehensive approach to diversity, equity and inclusion moving beyond visible differences to affirm the ideas, perspectives, experiences, talents, and spirit of the individuals and staff that make TreeHouse a special place to live. At TreeHouse, we see you.

United Way of Delaware County’s Young Adult Transitional Living Program provides housing and support services for young adults experiencing housing insecurity. Qualifying individuals 18-24 years old may occupy one of the five private bedrooms in the space, nicknamed TreeHouse, through partner agency referrals. TreeHouse respects the rights and dignity of the participants it serves. Participants are supported and cared for while being given the autonomy to make their own decisions. The program is resident-driven and staff guided.

Through the support of donors, volunteers and community partners, participants are able to engage in wrap-around services and classes made available at Strengthening Families.