Partner Agencies

United Way of Delaware County Ohio works with 23 agencies, and touches the lives of one in three Delaware County residents. The programs we support help improve education, financial stability and health in our community.

Your dollars go to work in agencies carefully chosen for their ability to meet desired outcomes that match our community's greatest needs. 

Collective Impact

Funding Eligibility

United Way of Delaware County requires all agency/organization/group applicants to take the allocations eligibility quiz. If the organization qualifies through the eligibility quiz, applicants will automatically receive a brief letter of intent (LOI) via email regarding the proposed program that will include a due date for the allocations process.

Currently, our allocations process is closed for FY18.

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Every gift is important. Financial gifts large and small all combine to create a powerful engine that lifts citizens of Delaware County to higher and healthier standards of living. Invest in your community. Give Now to United Way.

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